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Are You Engaged in Futures Trading and Seek to Elevate Your Performance Dramatically?

Futures Challenge

Escalate your trading via our funded account without risking your own capital.
How does our Futures challenge work

Evaluation Phase

During this stage, you will be granted a two-step demo account to assess your trading skills prior to being allocated a funded account.

*The Checkpoint feature allows for a completely free reset to the second step of the Evaluation Phase in the event of failure during said step. This feature is single-use only.

Practical Illustration of the Evaluation Phase works

Consider opting for the High Tier with a $100,000 allocation. During the Evaluation Phase, you must accumulate 10% of that sum to proceed to the second step, thereby achieving a profit of $10,000. In this scenario, a Maximum Drawdown of 10% applies, restricting your losses to no more than $10,000, along with a Daily Drawdown limit of 5%, capping losses at $5,000 for any given day.
No time constraints are imposed, but a monthly fee, dependent upon the chosen tier, is required throughout the Evaluation Phase. Upon successful completion of this phase, the monthly fee will not be applied anymore.
Al completamento della fase di Evaluation non dovrai più versare la fee mensile.

Select the Tier That Best Aligns with Your Scaling-Up Requirements.

Tier 20kTier 50kTier 100kTier 200k
Initial Capital$ 20,000$ 50,000$ 100,000$ 200,000
Target Step 1
Target Step 25%
Min. Trading Days21 cumulative sessions between the two steps
Daily Drawdown$ 1,000$ 2,500$ 5,000$ 10,000
Max Drawdowm$ 2,000$ 5,000$ 10,000$ 20,000
Consistency Step 133%
Consistency Step 250%
Profit Share80% Montlhy
Challenge Cost175 €248 €598 €746 €
Monthly extension cost120 €174 €418 €523 €

Understanding Proprietary Trading

Proprietary Trading is a mutual partnership between a firm like Savius and an independent trader. We provide the capital, and you provide the skill, sharing profits and minimising personal financial risk. Savius continually seeks to incorporate talented traders into its fund.

Examine some of the testimonials from traders who have selected Savius for their capital allocation:

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Why Choose Savius?

Your Questions, Answered
Several reasons make Savius your ideal Proprietary Trading Firm. Here are four key benefits.
Enhanced Control and Flexibility
With Savius, you maintain greater control over your trading strategy, free from external policy constraints.a.
Elevated Earning Potential
Savius enables qualified traders to leverage significant capital to maximise gains.
Cutting-Edge Resources
We offer access to advanced tools and real-time data to inform your trading decisions.
Continuous Support and Learning
Savius provides ongoing educational resources and performance analytics to accelerate your skill development.

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