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Savius unveils a novel formula in Proprietary Trading Firms

“Each crisis harbours potential for opportunity.”

The Savius Trader: Unique and Elevated

Driven by this principle, we offer specialised financial pathways tailored to your needs and risk tolerance.


Many Proprietary Trading Firms promise live trading access with real funding but often retract, leaving you on a demo platform. Our Challenge is designed for those confident enough to manage a real account from the get-go.
    Available markets:
  • Forex

Educational pathway

Are you engaged in our Challenge but seeking expert mentorship from a capitalised trader? We provide an updated, comprehensive training program. Schedule a complimentary consultation.


Join our renowned Limitless Challenge, featuring a two-phase assessment and tangible earnings. Over 1,000 traders compensated, with more than $500K disbursed by Savius.
    Available markets:
  • Futures


Our Fearless Challenge grants you an initial capital of $500,000, enabling you to reach extraordinary capitalisation levels, usually unreachable to most retail traders. Evaluation includes performance-based remuneration. This Challenge is your chance to elevate to a Senior Trader status.
    Available markets:
  • Futures

Understanding Proprietary Trading

Proprietary Trading is a mutual partnership between a firm like Savius and an independent trader. We provide the capital, and you provide the skill, sharing profits and minimising personal financial risk. Savius continually seeks to incorporate talented traders into its fund.

Why Choose Savius?

Your Questions, Answered
Several reasons make Savius your ideal Proprietary Trading Firm. Here are four key benefits.
Enhanced Control and Flexibility
With Savius, you maintain greater control over your trading strategy, free from external policy constraints.a.
Elevated Earning Potential
Savius enables qualified traders to leverage significant capital to maximise gains.
Cutting-Edge Resources
We offer access to advanced tools and real-time data to inform your trading decisions.
Continuous Support and Learning
Savius provides ongoing educational resources and performance analytics to accelerate your skill development.

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