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Introducing the 1st Indicator developed by Savius CEO, Tiziano Brunno

A tool he employs for superior trading performance.

Evaluate our annual package (saving 30%) or secure lifetime access to our Indicator.

NEW: Now available on NinjaTrader, VolSys, and MetaTrader 4

Looking for a comprehensive package, including Training & Challenge?

Many of you asked us, and, after several weeks of anticipation and testing…

…we’ve publicly released our official Indicator.



Through the Savius Zone indicator, you can:

Identify objective price areas to monitor

Reduce discretional decision making

Filter trading patterns
Utilise a proven method
Turbocharge your trading with engineered support for higher precision.
Below are some features of the Savius Zone Indicator:

Zone Buy
& Sell

Daily pivot zones post-market open for Futures markets:


Intelligent Market Logic

The zones appear automatically at the market opening of the selected asset, and previous days’ zones are coloured differently and extended if untested.

Daily Opportunities

Assists in setup selection, offering high-reversal zones—a solid help in reducing over-trading.


The Savius Zones indicator lets you configure historical data, zone colours, pop-ups, and sound alerts when the price action touches one of the zones.
Why We Have Publicly Released the Savius Zone Indicator

Our CEO, Tiziano Brunno has transparently published his trading activities for several months, consistently achieving above-average results.

Astute observers have noticed distinct features within his trading charts, marking the covert testing phase of this particular Indicator.

Thus, during a rigorous four-month period, Tiziano – a renowned trader with a decade-long presence in the Italian financial landscape – has meticulously optimized and refined his strategies.

The culmination of this endeavor is the official release of the Savius Zone Indicator, which has facilitated notably profitable market entries for Tiziano.

He continues to share his performance, sustaining above-average trading outcomes transparently.

Is Savius Zone Right for You?

Ideal for traders who aim to:

Shift toward a mechanical strategy
Navigate markets with less stress;
Operate on Futures markets DAX, NQ, YM, and RTY
Seek objective confirmations before trading
About the Creator

Tiziano Brunno


Tiziano Brunno, Savius’ CEO, became part of Savius through a 2016 contest hosted by Infinity Futures, ranking 2nd out of 450 participants.
He is now CEO, Risk Manager, and Senior Coach for the Savius trading team.
Tiziano operates on the major Futures markets and openly shares his operativity every day on Savius’ official Telegram channel.

Tiziano Brunno
Ceo Savius

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